by colling photography

I am the wife (and mom!). And this is my life. 

I've always wanted to write a blog, so I took the plunge in January of 2011 and started the life of a wife. It was partly a New Year's resolution and partly because I had told a friend if I ever did something unusual, like meet the First Lady or something, I would start a blog. And then I did. I met Michelle Obama. And I started a blog.

Born and raised in the South, I never met a monogram I didn't like, I believe in handwritten thank you notes, and I consider macaroni + cheese a vegetable. I'm a proud Virginia Tech alumna with a background in international politics and finance. I love cooking good food, decorating my home, reading the latest great book, finding a good deal, and being with the people I love. I've traveled all over the world, but I've learned there's truly no place like home. I'm a compulsive organizer, a fantastic speller, and a donut enthusiast. I'd be lost without my to-do list. I hate goodbyes. I need more hellos.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?  I'd love to hear from you!

Email me at xueli (at) vt (dot) edu

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