Thursday, February 9, 2017

On Losing 55 Pounds // Postpartum Weight Loss

I've been thinking about writing this post for almost a year now. The journey of postpartum weight loss is different for everyone, but for me it was a huge struggle. I'm passionate about good food but self-control is not one of my strengths, so losing the weight I gained during my first pregnancy was not a walk in the park. As I'm now faced with trying to lose all of the weight from my second pregnancy, I thought I would share my story and a few thoughts for those of you that may be walking this same road of losing weight after baby.

When I was pregnant with Madeleine I gained a little over 50 pounds. I had a really challenging first trimester which prevented me from keeping up with any sort of exercise routine, but I also know I ate way more carbs and sweets than I should have. People (and my doctor) made comments about my weight gain, but I honestly felt helpless to do anything about it because my cravings for both the quantity of food I wanted to consume and the types of food I wanted to consume seemed so out of my control. I had a long and difficult birth with Madeleine, so it was a while before I was up for even the littlest amount of physical activity. At my 6-week check up my doctor told me I needed to wait an additional few weeks to heal before I could start exercising. When I finally healed, I started running but only kept that up for so long. I honestly didn't do anything too structured to try to lose the weight: we tried Whole30 (and failed miserably!) and I tried counting calories, but neither of those was sustainable for me. Like I said, I seriously struggle with self-control, and I just didn't want to change how I was eating and sacrifice my normal diet.

It took me four months to get within 15 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight, but it took another six months for me to finally lose those last 15 pounds and hit my goal. I lost an additional 2 pounds to lose a total of 55 pounds in 11 months. And then I found out I was pregnant two weeks later. My second pregnancy was more challenging than my first, and even though I was throwing up a lot in the first trimester, I was constantly starving and eating everything in sight. Again, I made poor eating choices because I felt so miserable, and I couldn't keep up with any exercise. In my second pregnancy I gained 55 pounds.

My recovery after Cora's birth (her birth story to come at some point, I promise!) has been so much easier than with Madeleine. I've been out walking already, and it feels so great to be moving and exercising! I've lost 20 pounds so far, but I have a long way to go. It's really daunting to be back in this same spot looking down a long road of trying to lose so much weight and working to fit into my normal clothes. It's easy to feel discouraged when I compare myself to other young moms who seem to lose the weight easily. It's easy to make healthy choices one day, only to have a rough night with little sleep and give into the temptation to eat three cookies the next day. It's easy to feel depressed when I feel like I have nothing wear. It's easy to feel like I'm never going to get my old body back, so what's the point. It's easy to feel bitter about the toll childbearing takes on my body, instead of joyfully giving of my body for my children. I think it's probably safe to say that I'm not alone in having these feelings. Pregnancy, childbirth, life with a newborn, life adjusting to multiple kids - these are all very real and very hard things, and losing a lot of weight after and in the midst of them is challenging!

I once read that self-control is just empathy with your future self, and that's really ringing true for me right now. It seems like I just lost 55 pounds, so I remember so clearly how both the struggle and the success felt. It's a little easier for me to make healthier choices this time around. I'm motivated to make exercising more of a priority. I have no idea if losing 55 pounds this time will take less than or longer than 11 months, but I'm trying to be patient with myself and the process. I've been thinking a lot about this passage, which I read in Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches this week:

"...realize that your body is a testimony to the world of God's design.
Carry the extra weight joyfully until you can lose it joyfully. Carry the 
scars joyfully as you carry the fruit of them. Do not resent the damages that 
your children left on your body...your body can more fully praise God having 
been used for His purposes. So don't resent it, enjoy it."


  1. I really appreciate this post, Sherri! That's a great quote at the bottom. You're doing great. Congratulations on that 20 pounds! Let's go walking. :)

  2. You look so so cute in both pictures!! Thanks for sharing your journey and the challenges. This encouraged me as I've been working on losing ~15lbs for the past, oh, 2 years. My metabolism just UP AND LEFT a couple years ago. It's hard to keep eating relatively well/okay and exercise fairly frequently but not be able to just lose a pound or 2 overnight like I could in college. Boo.

  3. What a great post! It's so different with each kid. You have a beautiful (and successful!!) story. I've also had to learn (and still learning) to give myself grace in that area. My body is different than other moms around me who make it look easy. With maddie, it was very difficult and I didn't get back into pre pregnancy clothes before I got pregnant with carter. Then after carter, I was back in pre maddie clothes before he turned one. Totally different. Plus I tried much harder exercising after maddie than I tried after carter. This pregnancy with #3, so far, looks like I will gain the most weight of all I'm guessing a girl and I'm guessing a very hard time losing it. Unfortunately for me. But this is life right now ��❤

  4. Thanks for your honesty here, Sherri. Yes, it is such a struggle in all of the ways that you've mentioned. I'm not sure I'll ever get over the state of my belly button. 14 months after my last baby and I still have about 7 pounds to go to my goal weight. Self-control issues must be hereditary; but I'm going to push on with you and we can do it!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Sherri! Your post was so encouraging to me. I often feel depressed and frustrated by the lack of pants that I can get on, and just the new way I'm carrying weight, not to mention struggling to lose it! But I love that passage you shared at the bottom. It's also helpful to know other moms who are feeling the same! I'm thankful we can all encourage and push each other to give our bodies grace and make healthy choices!

  6. This. This. All of this. So needed to read this tonight! Thank you!

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