Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our wall-to-wall bookshelves

I was reminded after posting this on instagram that I've never shared our bookshelves here on the blog! This is one of my favorite spots in our entire house! Caleb designed and built these wall-to-wall bookshelves for our front living room. He built them to fit perfectly against the wall that you see when you enter the room, and I love the impact that they make! They're screwed to the wall so they're perfectly safe, but he also made it so that we can remove them and take them with us, if we ever end up moving.

We only have about three of the sections filled up so far, but I like that we have plenty of room to grow our collection. We are a family that loves books, so we need a lot of space to store them all!

It makes me so happy to see our gorgeous shelves and all of our books every time I walk by this room! Caleb did such an excellent job with every detail, and they are exactly what I envisioned for this space!


  1. They are so beautiful! Definitely a big impact and it looks amazing. Also, where did you get that lamp? That's the kind I'd really like to have in our living room.

  2. I love them!! Cannot believe Caleb is so crafty - he is very talented!

  3. That looks beautiful and so inviting for reading or company! I'm trying to contain my envy right now :)