Friday, May 13, 2016

9 favorite Instagram accounts

This past week my sister and I were chatting about Instagram and how fascinating we find it. It's by far my most-used social media platform. Since I've got Instagram on my mind, here are 9 accounts that are favorites of mine: 

@jlgarvin // This is a pretty lifestyle account with a good balance of family pictures, home spaces, plus nicely styled everyday things. It's an inspiring account that I really enjoy looking at.

@alexa_moyer // Alexa lives in NYC, and her pictures remind me of why I love that city so much! This is a beautiful lifestyle account that I absolutely love.

@laurenwasher // Lauren is my sister but I also really love her Instagram! Her five kids are pretty adorable (I'm only slightly biased), and she posts such real, raw pictures of life, both the joys + the challenges. She also has an amazing way with words, and I'm constantly learning from the truth she shares.

@anna_winchell // I've been following Anna's Instagram + blog for years, and I just love her! She has such an eye for a good shot, and she shares lots of pictures from all of her travels which I love. She also is just the happiest, don't you think?

@amandarydell // I really appreciate following highly curated accounts, because I love the pretty pictures and am inspired by the styling. I love the white space + pretty, softer colors that Amanda always posts. Plus she scores some pretty amazing vintage/thrift finds that are fun to see.

@mrsjuliejones // These are the pictures that I always want to jump right into, because Julie frequently posts about food that looks amazing, a good book I want to read, or a place I'd like to visit. Plus girl has even more striped shirts than I do. Always pretty pictures to see here!

@thepinkdiary // This is obviously another highly curated feed, and I love all of the intentional white space. Everything is always beautifully styled, and I love seeing pretty pictures like these as I scroll through my feed!

@alexbyersays // Love seeing pictures of Boston and Alex's life there. She's a hardcore runner, which is super inspiring. Also this spring she has posted some gorgeous shots of flowers, which just so happen to be my love language.

@ali_vinciguerra // When I first started blogging years ago, one of the blogs I regularly read was Alison's. Her Instagram account is a fun look at motherhood, and I love how she decorates her home! A fun + pretty account to follow.

So tell me, which Instagram accounts are your favorites? Do you like a heavily curated account or prefer to follow just friends + family?

P.S. If we haven't found each other on Instagram yet, you can find me here!

(all images are from the Instagram accounts mentioned)

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