Monday, April 11, 2016

Things I wanted and bought // Target Dollar Spot

Because I am a living, breathing female, I love Target. And lately I have really been loving the Target Dollar Spot. I have always been drawn to that section of the store; the products are constantly changing and there is just so much cute stuff! Whenever Caleb and I are running errands together and I ask to stop by Target, Caleb always says "as long as we don't have to stop and look at the junk section" - um what??!! Last week when I was in Target per my weekly routine, I was browsing through the Dollar Spot and I overheard one girl say to her friend, "since when did Target's Dollar Spot get all of this cute stuff?" Yes, college girl in your leggings and hoodie, I agree. Target's Dollar Spot is on point. Here are some of my favorite things I've snatched up over the past months:

Cute notecards // I mentioned in this post that I have a lot of notecards from Target. There are always new designs and for $1, you can round out your stationery collection with some good pieces. They're not pictured below, but I most recently got these which might be my favorite yet.

Flower vase // I love fresh flowers and a cute vase to put them in is just the icing on the cake. I am a lover of all things striped and black + white, so this was a no-brainer. This was $3, as some of the bigger pieces in the Dollar Spot tend to be.

Gift tags // I have an overwhelming amount of gift wrapping accessories: wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, etc. I love having everything that I might need on hand when it's time to wrap and give a present. These neon + kraft paper tags were such a great find, I bought two packs of eight.

Wastebasket/storage bin // This was originally yellow and grey, but Caleb spray painted it for me so that it was completely yellow. I store my mini rolls of wrapping paper in it in my office. It's the perfect little storage bin. 

Wrapping paper // As I mentioned above, I love gift wrapping supplies. I bought each of these rolls of cute wrapping for $1! I love having a wide selection of wrapping papers to choose from. Also, I really love the mini rolls for smaller presents. Having random, loose pieces of wrapping paper leftover from large rolls drives me nuts.

Candle // I keep this candle in my office. It's small which is perfect for my desk, and it smells good! You do have to be sure to smell the candles in the Dollar Spot because some of them aren't great, but this one smells so good and fresh!

Throw pillow // Sometimes the most unexpected things are in the Dollar Spot! This black & gold heart pillow was there right after Christmas, and it matches Madeleine's nursery so perfectly. I like that it's small so that it can fit on her nursery glider with the pillow I already had.

File folders // There are always great little office supplies in the Dollar Spot. I needed some file folders for my desk, and I knew Target had some that were bright and would go well with my office. I'm not sure how many times I can say it: I love finding cheap, cute stuff.

Notepads // Along the same lines of the office supplies - I'm a sucker for a good notepad. I especially like finding ones with a magnetic backing to keep on the fridge for grocery lists and reminders.

Birthday cards // While I've always gotten notecards in the Dollar Spot, just recently have I found birthday cards! It's nice to find a unique birthday card, and these with little embellishments are fun for me to have on hand to stick in the mail. 

So tell me, what great things have you scored from Target's Dollar Spot lately?

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  1. This is so fun! You got so many bright, colorful things. I love the dollar spot - picked up a ton of garden-themed decorations for a baby shower recently.