Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On finding pretty stationery

One of my goals for 2016 is to send 50 handwritten notes. I love both receiving and sending mail, so this isn't a very hard goal for me to achieve. I also love all things paper, so my collection of notecards and stationery is pretty extensive. If you're hoping to start writing more notes to friends + family (do it! it's so fun and such a surprise in this day and age!), here are some of my favorite brands of notecards and places to find them.

Mara-Mi // You can find these at Target, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and I'm sure many
other places. If I'm in one of these stores and find a box of notecards 
that I just have to have, it usually ends up being Mara-Mi.

Target Dollar Spot // Seriously! There are always tons of options to choose from,
and it's usually only $1 for 8 cards. Because I do send so much mail, it's nice
to have some cheaper options in the mix. And they really are super cute.

Rifle Paper Co // Such pretty pieces! The cards are really thick and high quality, 
and the illustrations are always beautiful. 

Carlton Cards // These are just your basic notecards that you can find 
at Hallmark, Target, etc., but they have some really cute designs sometimes. 
Because I like to have notecards and stationery on hand for every
occasion, I can find some good filler pieces to round out my collection.

I also really love the notecards + stationery that I have from Kate SpadePapyrus, and greenroom.  If you haven't sent a handwritten note in the mail recently, I encourage you to first go buy some really cute stationery, and then make someone's day by sending them a good ol' fashioned letter.


  1. Thanks for all these tips! I want to get into the art of note-writing this year. I also have found the Target bins to be helpful. I also purchased a pack of 200 cards/envelopes from Target. The cards are not the folded type, but there are multiple colors and the entire pack was $15. And, you are the best note writer! You're such an encouragement and I love getting mail from you randomly throughout the year!

  2. These are so cute! I'm terrible at sending mail. I bought 2 baby cards for friends this fall and forgot to send one of them. Oops. Rifle Paper Co. is my fave :)

  3. Love these! I am a handwritten note fanatic. I am always looking for cute stationery - it makes the task of writing notes much more fun :)