Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Girls' beach weekend

A couple of weekends ago I met my college roommates at the beach for a long-overdue reunion! Here are a few pictures, if you'd like to see...

We had the absolute best time talking and hanging out all weekend! It had been over five years since we had all been together (!), so there were marriages, babies, overseas traveling/living, and new careers that we needed to catch up on. I calculated we talked for about 30 hours... in between all of the talking, we ate lots of good food, did some shopping, and walked along the beach. It was such a treat to be with friends who know me so well. Friendships like that are invaluable, and we've decided we need a get-together like this every year now. I felt so encouraged and refreshed from being with these dear friends, and from getting a break from the day-to-day! It was my first time being away from Madeleine overnight, so I was so happy to get back to her (and to Caleb!). Although I don't plan on doing it often, I think it was very helpful for me to get away for a short time to feel recharged and excited to jump back into my regular life.

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    PS I love that you calculated the hours we talked - that is so crazy! Loved every minute of this trip!!