Wednesday, March 2, 2016

5 Products I'm Using Every Day

Popping in on this Wednesday with another 5 Products I'm Using Every Day post... agenda // Back in the fall I wrote a post on my favorite agendas, and I just have to say that I am loving having a planner again! I keep it on the desk in my office, and I am using it each day for reminders, plans, upcoming appointments, etc. I also am using it to keep track of my yearly and monthly goals, which is a great place for it.

The Honest Company multi-surface cleaner // I am a fanatic about wiping off my countertops, and I am loving using this spray. I can rest easy knowing it's safe for Madeleine, and I also use it on her high chair tray. It smells good, which is a big factor to me in whether I will actually use a product or not.

babyganics face, hand, & baby wipes // Again, I love using a product that I know is safe for Madeleine. I use these wipes on her face and hands after she's finished eating. Side note: why do babies absolutely hate having their mouths wiped off??

Urban Decay Original Eye Shadow Primer Potion // This eye shadow primer is amazing. It keeps my eye shadow looking fresh all day, but the biggest difference I've been able to tell is that my eye liner doesn't fade away and look smeared. A little touch of this goes a long way in helping my makeup's staying power.

Sharpie Pens // I've been using these pens for years. They write smoothly, but I really love them because they don't bleed through pages. I am one to frequently underline in the books I'm reading, so I love that it's colorful but doesn't bleed through - even on the thin pages of my Bible!

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