Friday, February 12, 2016

Seeing Hearts

I have always loved Valentine's Day. I'm not a big romantic and I don't even really like red roses; it's because I love holiday-themed candy and all things hearts (my daughter's wardrobe can testify to this). Here's a little round-up of some heart pieces that strike my fancy. Do you have big Valentine's plans? Caleb is a Valentine's baby, so it's a weekend of birthday + Valentine's plans for us. We tend to stay in rather than fight crowds, so we're excited for a weekend at home to celebrate. 

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  1. Oh yeah I forgot that his birthday is this weekend! Have fun bundled up inside - I wish that I didn't have to go anywhere this weekend, it's supposed to be soooo cold. Can you believe that this is our NINTH anniversary??! We're going out to dinner, but next year I want to do some kind of trip like a cabin in the mountains, to celebrate ten. :)