Friday, February 19, 2016

Fighting winter dry skin

I've always struggled with dry skin in the winter, but since being pregnant and giving birth, my dry skin has gotten a lot worse! Here's what I've been using to combat my winter dry skin:

one // This is by far the best hand cream I've ever used. I only had a small amount of this, and I've used it all up. It seems a little pricey for lotion, but it works so well I will probably break down and buy some more.

two // I use this really hydrating mask a couple of times per week. I put it on as my moisturizer before I go to bed. It soaks into the skin overnight and leaves my face feeling really well-hydrated and smooth. 

three // I really like this lotion for a cheaper, easy to find option. It has a faint coconut smell which is really refreshing, and it leaves my hands smooth but not oily.

four // All cuticle creams are probably about the same, but this is the one that I use and has worked for me. 

five // I just started using this face cream this winter, and I really like it! It's pretty thick, so I was afraid my face would feel sticky, but it doesn't. It soaks in well and has really helped keep my face moisturized and soft.  

six // This lip mask feels (and tastes) so good! I use it at night before I go to bed, and my lips are still moisturized and smooth when I wake up. I think there's some tinted versions that you could also put on during the day to give your lip a little color.

What are some of your favorite dry skin products?

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