Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Favorite Shops for Necklaces

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Where do you like to shop for necklaces? I love supporting independent shop owners, and I've also found that their pieces are often more beautiful and unique than what you can get elsewhere. Here are three of my favorite shops for necklaces:

Dear Mushka // for simple gold or silver pieces. For each piece Katie makes, she includes a Scripture verse that corresponds with the jewelry. I love this idea, and I already have my eye on the next necklace I want (hello not-so-subtle Valentine's day hint for Caleb).

The Jones Market // for everyday necklaces. I loved and wore these necklaces before I had a baby, because they are just so pretty. Now that I have Madeleine, I love wearing them even more, because they're nontoxic and tuggable. Madeleine loves pulling on it and chewing on the beads (#alwaysteething), and I love that I can still feel pretty and put together even on a casual day at home.

Lily Noelle // for bright and bold pieces. Heidi is a dear friend of mine, and she has got some crazy talent when it comes to decorating, making jewelry, and just being fabulous in general. I love the wooden bead necklaces for brightening up a simple outfit. Also about 75% of all of my earrings are Lily Noelle, so there's that too.

If there's a shop you love for pretty necklaces (and other jewelry!), please share! I love discovering new shops to support.

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