Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide // for the babies

It's been a little while since I've put together a gift guide, so I decided it's time! This is the first in a mini-series of holiday gift guides for the people in your world. First up - babies! Arguably the most fun to buy for, since everything is so stinking adorable, and babies pretty much love anything they can get their hands on. Here goes:

A sweet robin rattle to shake to their heart's content.

Pretty moccasins, because every baby looks adorable in them. 

A classic board book to read to them over and over again. 

gorgeous quilt, that they will eventually pass down to their own baby.

The softest bunny for snuggling.

The best teether you will ever see, for the (never-ending!) teething phase.

sleek wooden baby gym for playtime. 
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Wooden mirror with flaps, since every baby is a little vain.