Friday, October 30, 2015

What I Learned // October 2015

And just like that October is over and we're entering into the holiday season! I can't even believe it. Before we head into planning our Thanksgiving menus, here's what I learned in October.

The secrets to delicious chocolate chip cookies. My mother-in-law graciously shared her tips with me for perfect cookies, and I successfully made a batch this month. One of the things I had been doing wrong was allowing the cookies to cool on wire racks rather than directly on the counter. Game changer! One evening over these cookies + milk, Caleb said, "I'm so glad you learned how to make cookies like my mom."

The postpartum wardrobe is all about the accessories. I've resigned myself to the fact that until I'm done nursing, I just won't be able to be back to my pre-pregnancy size. To make do until then, I'm adding in all the accessories to brighten up my wardrobe of basics.

Running with a friend pushes you to go faster. My friend Jessi and I signed up for a 5K as a goal to get our butts back in shape after having babies this summer. We walk together once a week, but we've never run together, and I've always just run by myself. Our 5K was a couple of weekends ago, and we stayed together the whole time! Jessi pushed me to go faster than I normally do, and we ended up finishing with my fastest 5K time ever (even pre-baby!). I'm still pretty slow, but it encouraged me to know that I can push myself to go a little faster than I'm normally comfortable with. More thoughts on running here.

I do not like Brussels sprouts. I didn't have high hopes that I would, but I roasted a bunch to try out anyway. They were weird and not as gross as lima beans, but not something I would like to eat again. Also, I learned that it's really hard to pronounce the "s" at the end of Brussels when you say Brussels sprouts without sounding like a weirdo. I just kind of slur them together.

I am more easily spooked since becoming a mom. I started reading the newest Kate Morton book this week, and I am getting too freaked out to read it in bed at night! And it's not even scary by any means! It's a little suspenseful like all of her books, but for some reason this one is making it so that I can only read it during the day. It is very good, by the way, so if you love her books, definitely pick this one up!

Did you learn anything in October?


  1. Brussel sprouts are an aquired taste.

  2. Currently reading that Kate Morton book, too! I'm getting close to halfway. I'm not a mom but I'm a little spooked!