Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What I Learned // September 2015

It's time for another "What We Learned" post! Summer is officially over, and I am excited about moving into October and enjoying fall weather. But first! here are a few things I learned in September.

This trail mix is perfect for fall. I love candy corn but hesitate to buy a whole bag since that means I will then consume the whole bag. This stuff gives me my candy corn fix, plus a delicious handful of other stuff. Once again, thank you Target for having everything I ever wanted and needed #dramaticmuch

Marriage truly does get better and better. We celebrated our five-year anniversary earlier this month, and I love Caleb so much more now than the day I married him! Our love is deeper and stronger, and I can't wait to do the next 65 years with him.

I like modern art. I did a round-up of art from Minted Art, and I was surprised at how most of my favorites were a little more modern, especially since I tend to lean towards traditional or classic pieces in my decorating. Still trying to decide which pieces I'm going to purchase...

A little braid can go a long way. I love reading Kate's blog, and she recently posted a fresh in fifteen video where she did a messy bun with a little side braid. I've been doing the same thing for casual days at home/running errands, when I don't feel like spending more than 2 minutes on my hair (ok let's be honest...that's most days). I love that it gets my hair out of my face and looks like I at least tried.

Family is a treasure. Last month Madeleine and I spent a week at my parents' house, and we also went to visit my grandparents. I loved spending extended time with family, and it was really special to introduce Madeleine Ruth to her great-Grandmom Ruth. I've always hoped I would be able to spend time with my daughter, my mother, and my grandmother at the same time. Four generations of ladies - a treasure, for sure!

What did you learn in September?

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  1. Great photo of you with your mom and grandmom. Happy Anniversary too! Popping in from Emily's linkup.