Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My favorite 2016 agendas

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As one who thrives on fresh starts and new beginnings, I love  September almost as much as I love January. As I mentioned before, September ushers in the start of school, and I take it as a start to a "new year" for me as well. I wanted to go ahead and get a planner for 2016, but wanted one that included the last several months of 2015 as well. These five were the ones I liked the most.

I love the classic look and the simplicity of the Kate Spade one, but my last planner was Kate Spade and I wanted something different and brighter.

I was (obviously) really into the floral covers this year. The Lilly Pulitzer cover is actually my favorite, but I didn't like the inside pages at all. The Rifle Paper Co. agenda is beautiful, but I wanted something a little brighter. I ended up purchasing the one, and I love it! There's plenty of space on both the monthly and weekly calendar pages, and I love all of the fun colors.

Do you use an agenda to stay organized?


  1. I have always started off using them at the beginning of the school year, and usually taper off after a few months. Now that our kids are in school and we have more appointments (numerous ones each week) I am living from my little planner. Because I've never been consistent, I just buy the cheap old $8 kind from Target. It does the job but it certainly isn't pretty. Maybe if I can hang in there this year and really use it, I'll buy a nicer one next time around. Oh, and putting things into my phone works well for appointments, but I need to be able to pencil things in--guess you could say I'm old fashioned!

  2. I was excited to start using a planner again when I started school! I never needed one the past few years, but there are so many fancy ones available now. I have the Day Designer (they sell it at Target!!) in a size that I can easily carry around it. I wasn't IN LOVE with the cover or colors, but functionality over form! Isn't it SO hard to find a planner that meets all of your criteria?? It is for me at least :)