Saturday, September 19, 2015

Links for your weekend

Love this scarf and this + maroon - perfect for Hokie football season!

Had a date-night-in last night and watched this. Based on a true story movies are our favorite.

Baked this yesterday afternoon...we've already eaten more than half of it.

This instagram feed makes me want to hop on a plane to Italy.

I never participate in photo prompt series/challenges on instagram, but I'm actually doing this one! Find all the details here - join in & tag your photos #lifewithtruth

Love this simple DIY.

I've heard great things about this book - starting it today.

Greenville / Upstate people - get over to Indie Craft Parade and/or Farm Fresh Fair! I've only been to Indie so far, but they have excellent vendors this year! I wanted to buy so. many. things.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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