Monday, June 15, 2015

On Pregnancy: The Things People Say

One of the things that never ceased to amaze me during my pregnancy was what people (somehow) felt comfortable saying to me. I had childless people tell me how labor and delivery was going to be, other moms tell me what my pregnancy was going to be like, and more people that I can count comment on my growing belly, my swollen feet, my diet, etc etc. It was super annoying and a lot of times downright rude, and I just had to force myself to brush it off and even laugh. The most irritating thing was that people thought they had a right to comment on my body, just because I was pregnant. I do not go up to fat people and tell them they should diet; I do not comment on how other people's clothes do or do not fit them well; I do not bring up the subject of another person's body shape/type every. single. time. I see them. Let's not do that to pregnant women, either! If you feel the urge to say something to a pregnant woman (especially one with whom you are not close), please think before you speak! And say something kind, like what an exciting time for you! or you are glowing! or you look wonderful! In the mean time, here are a few of the things people said to me over the past 9 months, for your reading pleasure :)

[after announcing at work that I was pregnant]
Female co-worker: Oh! So that's why you've been eating so much lately!

[at Thanksgiving dinner]
My 5 year-old niece: Are you getting your baby from China?
Me: No...

Female co-worker: I knew you were having a girl! Do you want to know how I knew?
Me: How?
Co-worker: Because your face has gotten VERY round.

Lady at church: Congratulations! When are you due?
Me: Thank you! June 13.
Lady: I usually am hesitant to say anything this early on, but you're just so skinny everywhere else!

Female co-worker: Are those new jeans?
Me: No. 
Co-worker: Oh wow! You're still fitting into your old jeans?
Me: Oh, no. These are maternity jeans.
Co-worker: Oh I was going to say - you'd be doing pretty good if you were still wearing your old jeans!
Me: Actually, I do think I'm doing pretty good. [I'm 20 weeks pregnant, thankyouverymuch, and I don't think I should still be wearing pre-pregnancy skinny jeans.]

My other 5 year-old niece: Aunt Sherri, have you ever had a baby before?
Me: No! This is my first baby! You would know if I had another baby.
My 6 year-old niece: But are you going to even know how to take care of it?

[at my 24-week appointment]
Doctor: Your weight gain is a little excessive. 
Me: [silence]

Stranger in the ladies' restroom at church: Oh wow, you are coming along!
Me: Yes, I'm 32 weeks!
Stranger: And you're sure it's not twins?
Me: Yep, I'm sure.

[at my 32-week appointment]
Doctor: Have we discussed your weight gain before? 
Me: Yes.

Client at the office: When are you due? Tomorrow?
Me: Six weeks.

And then there was the sweet young mom behind me in line at Target, two days before I delivered, who said, "I know you probably feel terrible right now, but you look so cute!" Please be one of those kind souls and make a pregnant lady's day :) 


  1. Thank you for sharing this ! It is unbelievable what people say or think they have the freedom to share. Recently while talking to someone at church, an older lady was listening in to my conversation, and when I was sharing how many weeks along I was, the eavesdropping lady's eyes bugged out of her head and she said "oh wow !" as if to say you're only that far along ! Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to say something back :)

    1. I wish I could say it gets better, but unfortunately people just don't know when to keep their mouth shut! Try not to let it get to you... You're growing a precious baby and you should be getting bigger!!

  2. I LOVE that you put some of these people in their place! Hah! I always hear people saying that people are rude to pregnant people, and I just can't even believe it because I would never say stuff like to strangers (like...touching their bellies?? huh??). I'm glad you felt bold enough to respond instead of just taking it! By the way, you looked super cute all through your pregnancy!!

    1. Thankfully no strangers ever touched my belly! I don't think I exactly give off a vibe that welcomes that haha

  3. What are you kidding?!?!?! I wish you were kidding! I thought you were THE.CUTEST.PREGO. Seriously adorbs!

  4. This cracked me up! Your niece is adorable.

  5. Oh Sherri! I love you. This is the absolute best. Amen to everything written haha. Last week I was told that I was huge twice by someone. HUGE! That's what you use to describe a barge or an airplane!

    1. You are definitely not huge!! You look great and you are taking care of your little girl!

  6. I missed this post! We were in Germany around this time - that must be why. Man the things people say! Seriously! I'm not sure why people think it's suddenly ok to say stuff like that ... I think you were a cute pregnant lady! :)

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