Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Are you in a book club?

Are you in a book club? My friend Jessi and I started one last fall, and we love it. Neither of us had ever been in a book club before, but we each invited some friends or co-workers who we knew loved to read, and that was the start of it! Each month we meet and discuss the book we read: what we loved, what we didn't, etc. It's very casual. We always have something to munch on, and we take turns hosting or meet up at a local coffee shop.

So far we've read:

One Plus One
The Rosie Project
Big Little Lies
Orphan Train
The Signature of All Things
At the Water's Edge

Caleb still teases me every month about leaving the house to go to book club, but I secretly love the book nerd side of me. What about you - would you ever join or start a book club?

(photo via here)


  1. I love Big Little lies and all books by her. I just finished the Girl on the Train...a good book!

  2. A friend and I have talked about doing one this summer. I think I'd really love it, but I've never been part of one before. I'd totally come to one with you :)

  3. what did you think of At the Water's Edge? It's on my list :) My book club just finished All the Light We Cannot See...highly recommend it!!

    1. I liked At the Water's Edge, but not as much as I liked Water for Elephants. I had high expectations going into Water's Edge, and they weren't met. But the girls who hadn't read Water for Elephants loved At the Water's Edge!

      I read All the Light We Cannot See last summer and LOVED it!! We've even talked about doing it for book club because I am totally ok with reading it again :)