Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finding Recipes + Creating Your Own Recipes

Where do you find your favorite recipes? I get mine from a variety of places: blogs, magazines, and some from Pinterest.

Cinnamon-Sugar Apple Skillet Cake from Joy the Baker

My absolute favorite food blogs are Annie's EatsJoy the Baker, and The Pioneer Woman. I've made enough of these ladies' recipes to know they will turn out, and I just really like their food. There are plenty of other delicious food blogs out there as well, but these are my go-to.

Herbed Stuffed Zucchini from Food Network

I also get a fair share of the recipes I try from magazines. My favorites are Bon App├ętit and Food Network. I also have found a number of good recipes in Southern Living and Taste of Home. My interest in a month's recipes can be hit-or-miss depending on the particular issue, but the recipes in these magazines have turned out well and line up with my tastes.

I also occasionally find recipes on Pinterest that I like. There are SO many recipes on Pinterest sometimes it's overwhelming to weed through and find the good ones, so I've created a board of all of the recipes I tried and liked to help keep track of the winners. I've discovered some good food blogs through the recipes I've tried and liked, as well.

One place I do NOT get recipes is my own brain... I am not creative enough to come up with my own recipes! I've found I don't have the patience or time to try developing my own recipes, and also there are just so many talented people out there coming up with delicious recipes - why should I try? However, if you are one of those talented people who creates delicious recipes, you might want to think about entering it into 47th Bake-Off Contest with Pillsbury. There are two categories you can enter: Amazing Doable Dinners & Weekend Breakfast Wows. If you have a great recipe, submit it! You could win $1 million :)

Where do you like to find good recipes? Do you enjoy creating your own recipes?


  1. I have a bunch of food blogs bookmarked, so every once in a while, I'll check those to see if there's anything I'd like to try, Some other recipes come from magazines or even Pinterest. I make my own recipes too, but not often. I'll usually just take something and make it my own.

    Just started following your Tried and Liked board! I love knowing which recipes were actually a success.

  2. i definitely do not make up my own haha. i also love joy the baker - food and wine is very good for me, too!

  3. Pinterest is my main source for recipes. Many times, though, I'm just throwing things in a pan and we call it dinner. No measuring, just basic herbs, veggies, and oil/butter and we have a meal. I don't think it would be worth $1milion though :)