Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reading, Lately

Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow // I've not shared a lot about losing my brother (this might be the only post), but 4 1/2 years later I'm still dealing with the effects of such a tragic loss, I'm still walking the long road of grieving, and I'm still missing him daily. This book was the most helpful book I've ever read about grief and sorrow. It was filled with God's truth which gave me much peace and perspective. If you've experienced a loss or are grieving in any way, I highly recommend this!

Kitchen Chinese // As I was reading Ann Mah's other book (see below), I ordered this one on a whim because I needed some books for our trip to France. It's an easy read about a woman who moves to Beijing to write restaurant reviews for a newspaper. Since I lived in China for several years, I loved reading a story with little glimpses into Chinese culture, food, and language.

The Envy of Eve // This was a really good read on the roots of covetousness and envy and how destructive they are to our relationships and lives. It helped me to get some perspective and really challenged me to find contentment in the Lord no matter in what season or situation in life I am.

Unspoken // I received this book from the publisher to review, and I really loved reading it. It's a mystery/suspense novel about a woman who is rescued after being kidnapped and held for several years. The story has some twists and turns that I thought were pretty good, and also has a sweet love story on the side. It was a good read and one I would recommend if you need an easy read.

Mastering the Art of French Eating // I heard about this book here, which was perfect timing to read before our trip to France. In each chapter Ann Mah explores a different traditional French dish, sharing her experience with discovering its origin and eating it. There's also a recipe at the end of each chapter. It's the perfect blend of a food + travel memoir. If you like eating or are interested in France at all, this is the book for you.

Elizabeth the Queen // This might have been the best book I read in 2013! I have always loved all things to do with the Queen and royal family, and this biography was so good I could not put it down! It is long (500+ pages), but I ended up reading it so quickly because I just soaked it up. Bonus: the book is pretty heavy so you get a little arm workout when you lay down and read it in bed:)

What good books have you read lately?


  1. Haha to your last comment about the arm workout - I bet that's true. I want to read the Envy of Eve, that sounds really good! Have you read Calm My Anxious Heart? It is SO good!! My prayer last summer after reading that was to be content and the Lord has changed my heart in so many ways! My mom read it with her small group, and then they read it again! That's how good it is :) So glad you found a good book about grieving, I am praying for you as you walk the long road! So impressed by your strength and faith, friend :)

  2. Thanks for the book suggestions...I am ready for a new one!

  3. such wonderful recommendations, thank you! i'm finishing up "proof of heaven", which has been amazing and made me really think about my spirituality, and i'm about to start "cleopatra: a life". i think the queen elizabeth would be up my alley after reading about clepoatra! i'm so happy the first book has given you some solace, too - grief is never easy to shoulder, and sometimes it never really goes away. hugs to you.

  4. I always love your book recommendations! wish I was a faster reader... I would definitely read more books if I was. The Envy of Eve and Elizabeth the Queen both sound really good!