Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Things

Colleen tagged me to share 5 things, so here goes! If you're a blogger and haven't done this as it's made the rounds, then I tag you:) Have a great weekend!

1. I'm always late. I have the clock in my car set 4 minutes fast so that when I'm rushing to wherever I'm supposed to be, I feel a teeny bit better having those 4 extra minutes built in. My dad has always set his car clock fast, and I just found out one of my sisters does too. This drives all of our spouses crazy. Caleb seriously cannot figure out what time it is when we take my car, and earlier this week he changed my clock to be the "normal" time, and I was late for work. Of course.

2. I like the smell of skunks. Not like I want one to spray me, but if we're driving down the road and there's a faint-to-medium skunk smell, I like it. Weird, I know.

3. The summer after I finished college I went to China with the U.S. State Department for a three-month intensive Chinese language and culture immersion program. I didn't know anyone in my group of 30, and we had to sign a contract stating we wouldn't speak English all summer. The days leading up to it I was SO nervous, more nervous than I had ever been about a single experience. But it turned out to be one of the best experiences I've ever had--I learned so much and LOVED every minute of it.

4. When I was little I was kind of a disaster. I was always breaking something or spilling something, my room was a complete mess, and I saved everything in little piles/boxes in my closet. My dad called me "Carrie-less" because I was so careless all the time. Now I'm 180 degrees the opposite. I periodically purge our house and throw everything away. I'm a neat freak and have quite a few OCD tendencies. I don't know what happened, but something just snapped!

5. Sushi, bleu cheese, and Greek yogurt: I don't like these foods. I feel like I'm supposed to because everyone else does, but I've tried to make myself and I just don't. Please don't make me eat them if you have me over.


  1. Haha i always think of you when i smell a skunk! I didn't know number 4 - that's so weird!

  2. I love this photo of you! And I do think it's so cool that you lived in China. And we set our alarm clock in our bedroom 20 mins ahead...except I don't use it b/c I already have two alarm clocks aka my kids!

  3. These were great! I have all the clocks in my house set about 5 minutes fast, and I really do think it's helpful! And I don't like bleu cheese either.

  4. I loved all of these random facts! I do the same thing with my clocks (and coincidentally I'm always late). My biggest pet peeve is when a clock is slow and it tricks me into thinking I have more time than I do! Also, those foods you don't like are so "trendy" but I don't think you're "supposed" to like anything. If you don't like it, who cares! Just cause it's "cool food" doesn't mean you have to eat it ;)

  5. haha - don't worry, these is no blue cheese in this house! your summer in china sounds amazing - my friend tina lived for a few years in china and knows chinese, if you're ever in nyc you guys will have to trade notes (and speak a little chinese to impress me!) the skunk thing is so funny - we all have our things! and as to throwing things out and being a neat freak - i've always been neat but living in a small space has made me merciless. i have no room for clutter and throw away things without blinking - you've got a partner in me!

  6. These are very interesting!!!! Especially the skunk one :-)