Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Surprising Perfume Trick

I was flipping through How To Look Expensive last week (a great resource, by the way, for tried and true beauty tips and products) and found a surprising trick for lasting perfume. Instead of spraying perfume directly onto your skin or spraying a little in the air and twirling through it, spray the scent onto your hairbrush! "It'll cling to natural oils in your hair and make you smell delicious without overpowering," Aerin Lauder (granddaughter of Estée) shares. I tried it this morning, we'll see how it works:)

(image from here)


  1. Wow I have never heard that...nice trick!

  2. Ooo what a cool idea! I will have to try it. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Twirling around is my favorite part about spritzing perfume but I may have to give this a try too. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Oh I will definitely be trying this! Thanks for the tip :-)

  5. oh my word - that's genius! thanks for passing this along.

    1. p.s. also a great way to "travel" with your perfume and not worry if it's in a small enough bottle for the liquid container rules

  6. Brilliant idea! How had I not thought of this before?