Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Looking Like Christmas

Christmas is in full swing at our house!  We've had so much fun being able to decorate our house for its first Christmas.  Christmas shopping has been happening pretty much 24/7 (don't know what I'd do without online shopping!) and I only have a few people left... pretty considering we're buying for 18 family members!  Buying presents for others and wrapping them is my favorite thing during Christmas so I am loving every minute of it:)  I'm hoping to get some Christmas cookies in the oven this weekend and finish up my wrapping.  Is your home all decorated for Christmas? How much shopping do have still have left?

{tree all decorated}

{house all aglow}

{some presents wrapped}

{festive nails}

{stockings hung}

{presents starting to go under the tree}

{wreath at the office}


  1. It is looking like Christmas at your house!

  2. LOVE the decorations, including your nails!! We still have at least 4 or 5 people to buy for and NONE of our presents are wrapped. But the Mr is the better wrapper in our family, so he gets that job. I'm sure he'll have it done by let's say... Christmas Eve. ;)

  3. I love seeing all of your decorations at your new house!!!

  4. Wow you are amazing with your wrapping! I haven't even started wrapping yet... eek!

    LOVE the lights in all the windows of your house. And your tree is so pretty! Hooray for Christmas!

  5. oh man - online shopping is my savior! i am pretty much done, although brian and i do gifts later so i have my eye on some things that i'm hoping go on sale for him. i, too, adore wrapping gifs. once all the shopping is done i'm a little disappointed, although my wallet is happy!

  6. Ow Man!!! I love seeing all of your decorations!

  7. I love seeing all of your decorations... thanks for sharing

  8. Good Article..
    I always make that in that time.
    I order present and I give for all my family..
    That is wonderful.
    A hug.