Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Christmastime!

I'm so excited that tomorrow is December!  For some reason in my mind, December 1st officially marks the start of the Christmas season.  I loved that Thanksgiving was early this year, because I used this past week to take down our fall decor and start making our home feel like Christmas!  The tree is decorated, the stockings are hung, the wreath is on the front door, and half of my Christmas shopping is already done!  I am ready to fully embrace Christmastime!  Last year we did 25 Days of Christmas (a Christmas-y something each day leading up to Christmas), and while I'm not as prepared this year with something for each day, I want us to soak up as much Christmas spirit as we can.  Our plans so far: finish decorating our house, the parade downtown, Christmas parties, a concert, more shopping, an ornament exchange, and lots of baking!  This year I'd also love to find some fresh mistletoe for our house.  And maybe even get crafty and make a Christmas present or two.  What do you have planned for this holiday season?

(image from here)


  1. What all do you do at an ornament exchange? Sounds fun! I should do that next year ...

  2. oh this all sounds so perfect. this year we're getting brian his first live tree - a bachelor tree i suppose. i'm excited to help him pick it out from the corner deli, since that's where we get our trees in nyc. be sure to share all the things you bake!

  3. You really are going to have a productive winters i guess. Your family will like it but i think you should start it as a business as well.