Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Finally...

via an iPhone!  When I went in for my upgrade, the Verizon guy called my old phone a dinosaur--which it was.  It feels good to finally join the 21st century of smart phones.

So!  What apps do you recommend?  I'm on instagram but I want to know what other apps you love!  Hope you're having a great week - we've almost made it to the weekend! xx


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  2. That's so great! Welcome to the iphone world! I'm going to find you on instagram!

  3. I can highly recommend Olive Tree. You can find there many Bible translations (hope this is the right word for it). Rebecca from Germany

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  5. Haha what's with the spam comments?! I've been getting a lot of those lately. SO annoying.

    Anyway - my favorite apps!

    Ziplist - grocery lists
    Target app - coupons
    Lose It! - calorie counter
    ESV Bible
    PicFrame - to make photo collages
    Postagram - send pics as a postcard
    Scramble with Friends - game like Boggle (the free one)

    Is that enough for you?? haha

    1. oh yeah, i totally agree - starbucks and pandora are great!

  6. i went into verizon the other day to look at upgrading my phone to an iphone as well but i haven't bit the bullet yet. enjoy your new toy!

  7. oh fun! i still have the old dinosaur. i'm wondering when i'll step into the great big world of smart phones...i'm doing fine without it for now!

  8. I dream of one ... doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon though. Unless we get a great deal around Christmas, I'll be stuck w/ my dinosaur.
    Have fun w/ it! :) Draw Something is a fun app, I have it on our ipod touch.

  9. i am so pumped you're on instagram you have no idea!!! i'm not a huge app user but i love words with friends and vsco cam app. wlecome lady!

  10. Foodgawker, Pandora, Pinterst, Your bank should have an app for personal banking, Scrabble Free, Words Free, Hanging Free.... Have fun! :)