Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reading, Lately

Here's the stack of books I've enjoyed lately...

RebeccaI totally judged this book by its cheesy romance-looking cover, but finally gave it a try.  And surprise - it was good!  It's more of a suspense than a romance, and the story, though a little strange, really had me reeled in.

GoldThis book was good, but not Chris Cleave's best.  Little Bee is one of my all-time favorite books, so I expected Gold to be up there on my list of favorites as well.  I did enjoy reading it while the Olympics were going on, and I think if I had had lower expectations it would have been even more enjoyable.

Cupcakes and Cashmere Emily's blog is one of my favorites, and her book was like one huge, long blog post that you could read in bed without staring at a computer screen.  I love her simplistic approach to decorating and how she makes everything look pretty.

The Time In Between Best book I've read in a while!  Don't let the length scare you away!  The story sucked me in quickly and I was surprised by the turns the plot took several times.  I wish they would make this into a movie because it is just that good!

Plate to PixelThis book has been extremely useful in helping me to take better pictures of my recipes.  It is filled with gorgeous food pictures and covers so many aspects of photography.  Even if you don't enjoy food photography, this would be a great and different way to learn more about shooting with natural light, styling, etc.

The Perfectly Imperfect HomeI've kind of been obsessed with decorating books and magazines since we bought our house.  This little book lays out some basic decorating principles and guidelines to decorating a beautiful but comfortable home.

Design*Sponge at HomeAnyone who enjoys perusing Design*Sponge would like this book.  I didn't find that I would attempt too many of the DIYs in the back section of the book, but I loved looking at all of the sneak peeks that comprise a majority of the book.  There's some great decorating inspiration in there!

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I saw Rebecca as a musical a few years ago and bought the soundtrack - it's a great twisty story and the music is fantastic!!

  2. I've just added The Time in Between to my To-Read list on Goodreads. Have no clue what it's about, but if you say it's really that good, I'll certainly give it a try!

    Right now, I'm reading Fight Club. Which is REALLY great, by the way. Next up, I got a book from the library on whim - Life with Mr. Darcy or something like that? It's supposed to be the continuation of Pride and Prejudice, obviously not written by Jane Austen.

  3. OH I'm definitely interested in the Plate to Pixel book! You've got wonderful food pictures, and I need to brush up big time!

  4. I didn't realize Emily had a book out! I should check it out, because I love her writing style!

  5. Right now I'm reading one of May Sarton's journals...not sure what will be next, but hopefully something will pop onto my horizons.

  6. Two that stick out to me are "The Time in Between" and "The Perfectly Imperfect Home." Looking forward to checking these out! I have the Design Sponge book and I agree - not many of the DIYs would I actually pursue trying, but the sneak peeks are awesome for decor ideas! I loved that they had so many homes to peek into.

  7. Rebecca is one of my favorite books - i need to re-read it!


    my friend and i text that back and forth to one another all the time. so. darn. good.

  9. Ahhh I definitely need to get my romantic cheesy reading on. I'm in the midst of two self help style books so I'm looking for something more relaxed and fun!