Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Things, Lately

surprise flowers from my husband

catching up on magazines

the first corn on the cob of the summer

my new favorite bracelet - my sister got it for me in Tanzania!

home decorating+keeping books I can't wait to read

bringing the green MG home

my yellow summer purse

Happy Friday!


  1. oh my goodness! where do i start?

    surprise flowers - love it when this happens, way to go caleb!
    corn on the cob - color me jealous.
    decorating books - you have a home! to decorate! jealous again.
    the bracelet is awesome (and no one else will have it!)
    that car - coolest thing ever. i mean, you're officially the coolest house in the 'hood.
    i love, love, love that purse. where is it from? it's beautiful.

    have a great weekend sherri lynn!

    1. thanks pretty lady :) my purse is Nine West, but I got it at TJ Maxx for half off!

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous, loving the bracelet! I definitely have a pile of magazines to catch up on as well. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. xo

  3. so many colorful happy things! I love them all. Especially that bracelet - so amazing! And I'm majorly crushing on that purse. So perfectly bright for summer! Enjoy your weekend :)

  4. oooo I can tell y'all have some awesome things going on! Love all the bright summer colors!!!
    Have a great weekend girl!

  5. That car is so awesome, I really love it!

  6. LOVE the yellow bag! And was that a Mocha Coconut I saw? I love those too!

  7. LOVE your adorable blog! So glad that I've stumbled upon it ;)

    Consider me your newest follower!

  8. That car is awesome! And flowers are always a nice surprise!

  9. What a fun car to go for a ride on a nice summer evening! And I love your summer bag. I need to whip out my other summer bag for the wedding in the cape this weekend!