Thursday, May 31, 2012

April & May Goals Recap

Roses in our backyard

I decided to extend my April goals into May because they were things that I still wanted to be working on!  So here's a recap of my goals and some pictures of life the past couple months in an effort to keep #2:

Strawberry picking in April

1. Enjoy the process:  this was the biggest goal I had for April & May, mostly because we bought a house!  I have really wanted to enjoy all of it - wrapping up the details before closing, packing up, moving, unpacking, and settling in.  It has definitely been a HUGE job, but I think I have enjoyed it for the most part!  We've officially owned our house for a month, but it feels like so much longer because every day has been SO busy.  This week has been the first week that we've been able to come home from work and just be.  We've been grilling out and eating outside and it has been so wonderful.

2. Take more pictures along the way:  I have been doing this, but I think I could do better...  I've been trying to do more weekend recaps (hereherehere, & here), even if we don't do anything super notable.  I want to remember the little things along the way; I started blogging so I could keep a fun record of our life so I need to make sure I stay on top of this!  I also took a picture of every room in our house before we moved in, so that I'll have pictures of each step along the way as we paint and decorate :)

Visiting Baby Mason in the hospital!  He was born April 13

3. Make time for more fun projects:  this has definitely been the most challenging to accomplish.  For so many weeks the goal was to unpack things so we could actually move around in our house, so fun projects got pushed to the side.  I have done some cooking for fun though - which is much more enjoyable in my new kitchen!  My favorites have been freckled lemonade & strawberry ice cream.  I also made a bourbon banana bread pudding (similar recipe here). Sounds delicious, right?  It did actually taste good, but I found out I don't like bread pudding because I just can't handle the mushy consistency (blech).

Our final walk-through the day before we bought the house!

So I'm going to keep plugging along with trying to enjoy the process (and taking pictures along the way) - even if it means enjoying stripping wallpaper and painting every day for a week straight - because this is life and it's full and I'm so thankful to be doing it all with Caleb!


  1. Glad that you are enjoying the process more and more! Stripping wallpaper is a really good stress reliever, so keep that in mind if you get tired of it!

  2. You have been VERY busy and I love that you're so focused on your goals!

  3. You have had such an exciting few months! Enjoy your new home!

  4. I absolutely love your new home! I can't wait to see more before and after pictures of your rooms as you decorate them :)

  5. Love your home! You have been sooo busy!!

  6. i so wish i had that lemonade recipe with me in italy - lemons everywhere and it sounds delicious. also, you are gorgeous!