Thursday, September 8, 2011

Products I Love: Origins

One of my favorite brands of skincare is Origins.  My sister-in-law used to work at Origins and got me hooked!  I love that their products are natural and without all of those things you're supposed to avoid in beauty products*.  I also like that you don't have to use very much of any product each time, so they last a while!  I haven't tried Origins makeup, and I certainly haven't tried all of their skincare products, but these are my absolute favorites that I use all the time:     

I use this face wash every day.  It's best for
 combination/dry skin and has age-fighting protection.

I put this serum on before my moisturizer.  
The silver tip white tea protects against visible oxidation, 
deterioration, and dehydration of your skin.

After I cleanse and apply serum, I use this moisturizer.
It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but
I mostly like that it helps improve my skin texture and tone.

This eye cream is amazing!  I use it in the mornings
to help reduce puffiness and darkness under my eyes.
It contains caffeine (among other things) to help
wake up and refresh tired eyes.

This is my favorite mask.  You should use it
about once a week rid your skin of toxins, dirt, and debris.

After I cleanse my face at night, I put this on instead
of my other moisturizer.  It smells amazing and works
through the night to replenish your skin.  I love how it 
makes my face feel!

This is a great dermabrasion to use
a few times a week.  It's gentle enough
for my sensitive skin, and it leaves my 
face feeling so soft!

Do you use Origins products?  What are some of your favorite skincare lines?

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*Origins products are made with natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.  Origins products are also formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, parrafin, DEA, and animal ingredients.  


  1. Looks like some great stuff! I have never tried Origins but definitely should!

  2. I have actually never tried Origins but these products look amazing! I could especially use that eye cream. Ever since I had Ethan, I've had dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get!

  3. I don't use it...but my friend does and loves it! She has sensitive skin and this stuff has always worked for her.

  4. Have you found an origins near your new place??! I just love going in there and smelling everything :) Glad you are still enjoying all your skin care!

  5. i lovee your blog im followingg :)

  6. i'm currently looking for a good eye cream as i like to wear makeup only in my eyes and i need to hydrate them! would love to try the GinZing cream, does it really works on the morning puffiness? i really have a problem with that!


  7. I've never tried Origins myself but have heard alot of people rave about it! Perhaps I should give it a try soon:)

  8. I've always been tempted to try it but never have! I am loving the sound of the Ginzing eye cream! I could definitely use some of that!

  9. I know a few people who use it and love it! I'm a First Aide Beauty lover myself.

  10. I've heard a lot of great things about this line but haven't tried it. I'm super cheap when it comes to face care and make up.

  11. I have bought my mom their products and she loves them so now I know they work:D Glad to know you approve!

  12. Love origins ... great product line!

  13. I've never tried Origins products...maybe I will try them!

    Glad you're getting settled into your new home :)

  14. I have never found a skin care brand that I completely love...actually my face looks the best when I am on birth control! haha but I would love to give some of these products a try :)

  15. thank you for this! i use so many different products with me skin, and have a few regulars, but i live around the corner from an origins store and have always been tempted to buy something. and now i can with your suggestions!

  16. I've heard so much about this! I'm glad I read your review too :). Thanks for sharing!

  17. I've tried some of their products and I've never been disappointed. They have a body scrub that contains grapefruit extract and it's to die for! Seriously!

  18. Thanks a bunch for this article. I have been sick and it is now my mission to become as healthy and resilient as possible. I used the original deep cleanser because of this site and I like it a lot actually. It's so great there is info like this out there and free to everyone. I wanted to share a place that also has helped me, skin tightening treatments, this site helps a lot with the appearance aspects of being well. Okay that's why I wanted to post. Thanks again ;)