Friday, August 5, 2011

Cleaning Products I Can't Live Without

Obviously that is an exaggeration.  I can live without these things, but I certainly don't want to. These are my top favorite cleaning products - the ones I always have on hand and the ones that actually make cleaning a bit more enjoyable.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber
This is my newest find.  I had been wanting to try this Magic Eraser 
everyone was talking about and waited until my tub was 
beyond help.  I was seriously blown away by what can only 
be described as magic coming out of this scrubber!  
My tub is sparkling white now!

Caldrea Countertop Cleaner in Citron Ginger
This is by far my favorite cleaning product.  I'm slightly
OCD about cleaning my countertops because I hate crumbs and
 stickiness!  This spray smells SO good! 
I bought it at Target, and I went later to buy more 
and they were OUT.  I looked in every Target I was ever in, 
and finally found them it in Tennessee.  I pretty much bought
them out.  This stuff is amazing!

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Cleaning with a rag grosses me out, because it seems
like you're just spreading the germs and nastiness around.
Even though I know it's not environment-friendly, I prefer to use 
wipes.  I have wipes in cabinets and closets all over 
the house, and it helps me to clean more often because they're so 
easy to grab and use.

409 All Purpose Cleaner in Lemon
This stuff works wonders.  Once upon a time I dropped an 
entire plate of pb&j crackers onto the beige carpet, of course 
strawberry jam side down.  I immediately sprayed this stuff
on and the carpet came completely clean!
I also like using it if I get grease spills on my stovetop. 

Are there any cleaning products you love?  Tell me what I'm missing out on!


  1. love the magic eraser - i'm also a HUGE fan of soft scrub. oh man, it just gets everything cleaner and whiter than i could have ever imagined......

  2. well i was going to say vinegar and water (you can look up a recipe for everyday vinegar cleaner, it's like 1/4 cup vinegar to 1 cup of water or something), and i like it because it's cheap and works so well. vinegar has saved my life with stains on carpets and couches more than i can count. by that citron-ginger spray is mighty tempting to get for my ktichen (i am the same way about cleaning countertops in my kitchen. no crumbs!)

  3. I love the Magic Erasers but I didn't realized they have a shower version! Sweet!! I also use vinegar for cleaning my carpets...I put in my shampooer instead of soap.

  4. I have never used the magic eraser but everyone I know who uses it raves about it. Maybe I should get one

  5. I saw a commerical for the bathroom magic eraser and thought I need to try this! I think I have a coupon too! I love clorox wipes!

  6. Those magic erasers are totally magic! I, too, love a good counter spray. The smells are just delish! I had a basil one from WS and went through it in like a week, haha :)

  7. I'm the same way with my counters. In the kitchen and in the bathroom. I hate having crumbs, stickiness and water spots in the bathroom. I've never used that spray from Target. Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Big fan of the Clorox wipes!! I have a little container of the hidden everywhere!

  9. I love all these products you just mentioned, but i never tried the magic eraser or the caldrea countertop cleaner. I'm deff going to try it!
    What i love to use is the lemon pinesol. It leaves your house smelling so nice and clean! I love it!!

    Lots of love

  10. The magic eraser is just that...magic! Amazing how that works on virtually anything.

    The Swiffer Sweeper! Quick and easy. Because I hate spending time and effort on cleaning. I'd rather be painting my toenails or reading a magazine.

  11. you know i'm OBSESSED with the magic eraser. i just wonder, are the chemicals destroying my hands/nails?! it's so magical :) my bathtub makes me happy!!

  12. The Mr. Clean Magic eraser is freaking fantastic! I have no idea what's in it, but it works like...well magic! The Clorox Wipes are pretty handy as well! Especially when you're cleaning up quickly before going to bed or something like that!

  13. Let me know when you run out of the counter cleaner, I'll pick some up for you!

  14. I love most of these items too =)! One of mine is Windex Multi Service Antibacterial --you can use it on everything! I love it because I can clean the counters, and clean the glass stove top too without having to change products.

    I love magic erasers as well! My mom swears by them too, but she found out they have some harmful things in them apparently, and she uses gloves now when she uses them. Whatever it is, it works wonders!

  15. ok. so, those magic erasers are INSANE. i really feel like "magic" is the right word!

  16. I Love using SOS pads for my stainless steel cookware, its the only thing that will really get them clean!

  17. Mr. Clean is a dream man. He can get any stains out, and it doesn't make your hands hurt if your cleaning gloves just got ruined :)

  18. clorox wipes are the bomb! must always have them, and i love cleaning products with a lemony scent to them, i am like you too i have sticky countertops with crumbs on them, i always have to have the kitchen spotless before i go to bed or else i don't get a good night's sleep is that a bad thing?

  19. i can't live with out the green clorox wipes :) love them

  20. I love the magic eraser, too!! It totally cleans up ANYTHING! And I use Clorox wipes, don't feel bad!

  21. I love the magic eraser! It's my favorite! Great choices! :)

  22. i'm a clorox wipes addict!!! can't live without it!!

    thanks for these advices :)


  23. That magic eraser is amazing... and really magic!
    I also love CLR... thats my go to shower cleaning love!

  24. Hey, I've just come across your blog and I think it's a great one, I love the posts and it's given me a really good idea to do something similar (if/when I get married... slightly long way off for me...) but keep it up I like reading your posts!
    p.s. unsure about cleaning products as I am still a student (therefore we don't clean)... but I think you can never beat fairy liquid? :S

  25. Wait a minute.....Mr Clean now has bath magic erasers??? I am sooo excited (oh the things that bring us joy, huh?) I swear by the regular Magic Erasers and always tease my hubby that I am going to write the company and be featured on one of their commercials raving about the product.

  26. You pretty much just named all my faves! Not kidding!

  27. I definitely agree with the magic eraser!

  28. I haven't tried the magic eraser but you just confirmed what i've been hearing. Plus, I have some spots that desperately need a magic touch!

  29. okay, so this isn't technically a cleaning product, but it does pertain to cleaning :) not sure if you have one or have tried one, but the sensor pump by simple human is amazing! i have dish soap in mine and it makes dish-washing/hand-washing a breeze. it also makes the soap last you can get them at bb&b.

    also, i'm with you on the clorox wipes. i use them all the time! :)