Saturday, June 4, 2011


Last week on the way to the beach, my father-in-law stopped at a fruit stand and bought some peaches.  And by "some", I mean at least 50.  I have never seen so many peaches in one kitchen.  We were eating them at every meal, as snacks on the beach, and (my personal favorite) in milkshakes.

homemade peach milkshake

Here are some other recipes to try with peaches:

Peach Crumb Bars*
brown eyed baker

joy the baker

*I had previously made this recipe using 4 cups of blueberries instead of the peaches, and it was delicious!


  1. Peach cobbler and peach ice cream never get old....the perfect summer dessert!

  2. Now I thought I was a follower to your blog...but then I wasn't?! Ok so now I am! :) I love peaches...and would die for a homemade shake! I think you should send me one along with all of those great peach recipes! :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. my hubby positively LOVES peaches, so these were great inspiration for me! so happy to have stumbled on your blog...and been follower #100 :) have a great night! xoxo {av}

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  4. I'm gonna have to try the peach crumb bars! They look amazinngggg!! Definitely going to try them, soon! :)

  5. Those peach crumb bars are making my mouth water!!!!!!

  6. Mmmm...peaches. I'm so intrigued by that peach ice cream. Usually, I would go for non-fruity ice creams, but something about this is calling out to me.

  7. LOVE peaches. All those recipes sound to die for!