Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Read: Committed

My first beach read of the week was Committed.  I read Eat, Pray, Love when it first came out and loved Elizabeth Gilbert's style of writing.  I was looking forward to reading another one of her books, but was a little nervous it was going to be a book bashing marriage.  As somewhat of a newlywed, I didn't really want to read a book telling me I had made a terrible mistake by getting married.  But that's not how I felt reading this.  I just enjoyed reading a book about marriage (something I obviously am a huge proponent of) written from a very different perspective than my own.  I think it's good to read books that you can't entirely embrace and agree with.  I think it's good to stretch out of your comfort zone and question what you believe and think about something.

Have you read Committed?  What are your thoughts on marriage?


  1. Im just reading it right now and I adore Elizabeth's style. I think her honesty is so refreshing and totally enjoyble. That is such a great post, sunshine. Happy day. Muah

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  2. I haven't read it, but I LOVE Eat Pray Love.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I loved Eat, Pray, Love, so when I finished it, I quickly put a hold on Committed, but I was a tad disappointed with this follow-up book. I still liked it enough, but I guess I wasn't expecting it to read like some discourse paper about marriage. It was interesting, though, how she went about tackling the subject. :)