Friday, May 6, 2011

Color Swapping

I can tire of things quickly.  Especially decorations around the house.  Knowing this about myself, I chose solids for a lot of things - our dinnerware, bedding, table linens, etc.  Anything the eye can take in a lot of at once I prefer to have a solid color rather than a pattern.  For our bedroom I chose a grey duvet cover (grey has been my new favorite color for a few years now) with red accents.  This was so perfect for after we got married-the fall and through the winter.  But a few weeks ago I got tired of it. I wanted something brighter and more summer-y, but it's just not practical to buy new bedding. So I decided to store the red away until the fall and be on the look for new yellow pillows!  Over Easter weekend, my sister pointed out these amazing yellow pillows, without even knowing I was on the hunt!  Of course I snatched them up and I love the change.  So, here's my new easy tip for bedding:  choose a solid duvet cover or comforter that has different options for accents.  Then just buy new pillows and give your bedroom a new look!

our winter look

hello spring! hello yellow!


  1. Sherri I love this! I am debating what to do in our new place because the walls in the bedroom are dark and I have a darker comforter on the bed. I might just have to buy something but I will keep this in mind so I can change it up come the winter :)

  2. Hello Sherri Lynn

    Thank you for your sweet comment and I love the yellow pillows.

    Janet xox

  3. Very nice! Love the idea of switching things up a bit seasonally. Been trying to figure out how to do that at our house. Maybe you can give me some ideas. :)

  4. Love the yellow! It's such a cheery color to me :)

  5. love it! yellows and gray are my new favorite combo lately:)

  6. Those pillows are stunning and they go so well with the grey. Very chic!