Monday, April 4, 2011

Read: The Shopaholic Series

If you haven't read the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella, please do.  (And the movie doesn't count!  The books are so much better and the movie has it all messed up.)  I read them when I was in college, loved them, and decided I needed a second go-round.  I just read all five of them in the past month and am sad that I now am finished.  I love things that make me laugh out loud: a plate of spaghetti falling on the floor, episodes of Friends, umbrellas flipping inside out, etc.  The Shopaholic books are also on this list, which of course makes them wonderful.  Four of the five books start with the same two sentences: "OK.  Don't panic."  I, too, have that recurring thought about 593 times a day.  But that's not all I have in common with Becky (the shopaholic).  We both can justify any purchase, often buy three of the same thing in different colors, enjoy indulging in over-priced undergarments, secretly believe we really will win the lottery, and will buy extra of anything with the incentive of a free gift.  But Becky is so funny I wish she were my friend in real life.  If you're buried in credit card debt, reading these books will totally make you feel better about yourself.  Or just read them if you're looking for a good laugh.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. I am loving these books! I'm so glad you suggested them :) I will definitely be bringing some to the beach with me!

  2. I love those books, and agree the movie didn't come close! I call them my guilty pleasure books and can usually read one in a Saturday afternoon!


  3. i can read them in a day too! they're the books i know i can read over and glad to have them on my shelf :)