Thursday, April 7, 2011

OXO Product Review

This is what my measuring cups and measuring spoons look like.

Super easy to grab the correct one when cooking, right?  After only seven months of using them, the measurements are completely worn off on the measuring cups and the spoons are on their way.  Granted I use them several times a day, but I hand wash them.  And seven months is just an unacceptable time frame for brand new things to be worn out.  So I did what I do every time I'm unsatisfied with a product or service:  I wrote OXO.  And without having to even return mine, they FedEx'd me these:

Now that is what I call good customer service!  And I'm glad they were so accommodating because I really do love their products (especially these bowls and these containers), and I have a lot of them that I use every day.  They have redone the cups and spoons, and I like the new ones so much better.

I like that they can easily come off the ring.

Instead of having to move them all around and unclip the hook to get one off.

Also the measurements are larger and not in a circle of color 
like the old ones.  I'm hoping this means they will last longer!

If you haven't tried OXO kitchen products, you should.  This is the first problem I've encountered with any of their products, and I can easily overlook it because they sent me new ones for free!  And I'm glad to see they've changed the products and made them better.  In another seven months we'll revisit the cups and spoons to see how they're holding up.


  1. Sherri! Mine did that, too! Nathan took a tool and engraved them for me ... didn't even THINK to contact them. Going to do it, though!!! ;o) I told several people NOT to get them for that very reason!!!


  2. As you know I have these as well, and yet mine have not deteriorated quite so much. I was thinking about this the other day and decided they have probably held up better than yours because I have never used them near as much as you do. So if I turn into you or my other sister, I might have to contact OXO as well. Glad to know that they respond so well to their dissatisfied customers.

  3. Sherri - got my new measuring spoons and cups today. THANKS for the tip! I like, too, how these cups have the "half markings" on them - so you don't necessarily have to get multiple cups dirty! ;o) Their shape is going to take some getting used to ... lol