Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decorating with Egg Cups

Easter is just four days away, so I wanted to share a couple of ideas to decorate with egg cups.  Disclaimer:  I am not very creative; therefore, take these ideas more as suggestions that you can then build off and improve.

Stick some grass in your egg cups to make a spring-y display on your table.

Fill an egg cup with Easter candy and make it a place card holder.

Or use it to label foods on a buffet table.

Break an eggshell and put half of it in your egg cup.
Place a small votive or tea light inside the shell.
If you have white egg cups you may want to
dye the eggshell to give it some color.

What Easter/spring decorations are in your house?


  1. I love the idea of filling an egg cup with Easter candy and then using it as a place card holder or to label food at a buffet. =)

  2. Sherri, these are great ideas! I can't decide which of your creative ideas I like best, but I do love the name card and food label! I'll need to remember that when I have the ladies in for a spring gathering....thanks!

  3. Great ideas! You are DEFINITELY creative, Sherri!

  4. Those are awesome ideas!! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  5. Sherri, all those ideas were cute! And I currently have a mason jar full of yellow daisies on my coffee table, it's very cheerful! Jelly beans are also fun to decorate with (and eat), they're cute in mason jars (what isn't, I guess?) and I kept a big martini glass full of them on the coffee table last year. Very fun!