Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bringing Home Baby

We were finally able to bring our baby home Sunday night.  
I am excited to be able to introduce him on the blog!  This our 
British baby, B.  B as in MGB.

This is our '72 MGB.  When Caleb got this in 2003, it was filled with
dirt, leaves, as well as wasp and bird nests.  The hood was rusted shut
 and a wheel was rusted stuck.  It definitely didn't run.  It was a piece.

For seven years it sat in his parents' garage, and he would
work on it when he was visiting home.

Caleb completely restored the entire thing, from the inside out.  He did all of the 
work himself, except for having it painted this amazing color green.

After we got engaged last March, he worked on it every
weekend until our wedding, with me sitting in a lawn
chair close by, reading magazines and keeping him company.

And here we are with it for its big debut on our wedding day.  Caleb 
finished it just in time, and it was everything I dreamed it would be.
We took pictures with it, and we drove away from our reception in it.

Now we finally have it home with us.  We are so excited for
beautiful weather to be able to drive around in it!

source:  all photos by Colling Photography

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  1. This is SO awesome! I remember him talking to Tom about it all the time! The pictures from the wedding were amazing with it!

  2. i'm not gonna lie. I'll be on the lookout for you guys every day this summer and I'll wave like a weirdo when I see you! Glad you have it here!

  3. What a beautiful green color and an amazing car! Congratulations on finally bringing it home. Great photos, btw! =)

  4. So I'll be honest, the title 'bringing home baby' totally caught me off guard and got me super excited for a second! haha :)
    Glad that your baby is finally at home safe with you guys! I hope that I get to go for a ride again soon!!

  5. I want to bask in its presence.

    I also want to bring the '67 Plymouth Barracuda that's been sitting in our shed for 15 years up here and get some Caleb's obviously expert advice on putting the pieces back together!

  6. Great pictures. Love the color!

  7. I'm happy that your 'baby' is home with you and know you will have fun on the roads in this beautiful weather! Great job, Caleb, and great post, Sherri!

  8. That cars is awesome! I have always loved cool and classic cars like that - enjoy it in great health and great fun!!


  9. Very cool!! I bet your husband is SO proud of his work - as he should be!!

  10. You could bring it to Central Wisconsin and drive around in it today - - - of course it would be filled with SNOW before you got very far 'cause we're getting MORE of the fluffy white stuff today - - - lots more.

    Oh well, this too shall pass.

  11. Wow! That is so cool that he restored it all by himself. Sometimes I wish I can be as handy with mechanical things like that.

    That's a very pretty shade of green. =)

  12. I love the flashy green car! Your hubby must be very proud!

    P.S. Adorable wedding photo of you guys on the car, the colors are great!