Friday, April 29, 2011

And They're Married!

Waking up ridiculously early to see the royal wedding was so worth it!  It was amazing to see the crowds on the streets for the procession, and the crowds all over London watching the wedding on giant screens.  I loved all the little looks Kate and William gave each other during the ceremony, especially when Prince William winked at his bride!  

Kate was absolutely stunning!  I love her dress.  I'm glad it wasn't too froofy, 
and I love the lace bodice.  When she was coming down the aisle,
I loved that Harry took a sneak peek then said to William,
"Wait 'til you see her."
via msnbc

And The Queen wore yellow!  Yay!
via msnbc

At the front of the church William supposedly whispered to 
Mr. Middleton, "We were supposed to have just a small family affair."
via msnbc

When they walked out onto the balcony and saw the crowds,
Kate goes "Oh wow!"  So cute!  And my absolute favorite 
part of the whole thing was when they gave into 
the crowd and had a second kiss!
via washingtonpost
What was your favorite part of the wedding?  Did you like Kate's dress?


  1. Her dress was stunning! I just loved the sweet smile that was plastered across William's face the whole time.

  2. I loved all the CRAZY fun hats! :) Did you see the one right behind the Queen? It made me laugh! I couldn't watch it all yet, because I had kids to take care of at school ... but I'm gonna watch all I can tonight! :) It's interesting reading/watching/hearing about all the traditions of the Royals! Such a different life.
    Her dress is very beautiful! I wondered what Harry told William when he turned around....thanks for helping me out w/ that!

  3. I am soooo glad that I got up early to watch it! The whole thing was just so beautiful and Kate seemed so gracious and comfortable in her new role... oh my goodness I can't describe it but there's something magical about royalty! LOVED her dress that it was classy and traditional, yet a little modern with the lace pattern. Her hair was beautiful and her veil was so pretty on her! I also loved the fact that instead of wearing royal jewelry she wore earrings her parents gave her. How sweet! What a fun occasion :)

  4. I didn't watch, and I totally wasn't into it, but from the recaps I've read, it sounded like it was a very pretty, and very sweet affair. Thanks for I don't feel so out of the loop :)

  5. This whole celebration just made me smile! Her dress was stunning and they are clearly in love so much! Hopefully one day my wedding wil be as magical, but it may help if I find my prince first!


  6. it was AWESOME! i loved every moment of it, even though i was supposed to be in arabic class. her dress is stunning, perfect and appropriately fashionable. she looked so comfortable and at ease.

    laura, i agree, it was totally magically :)

  7. I only watched bits it before I went out to dinner with my husband, but I did catch up on the highlights online.

    I thought her dress is beautiful. I thought they're both pretty sweet. I wish them a lifetime of happiness ahead. :)