Wednesday, April 27, 2011

32ish Hours

...until the Royal Wedding!  Are you planning on watching it?  I think everything to do with the royal family is fascinating.  And I'm super excited to finally see Kate's dress!  There is a ton of royal wedding memorabilia floating around.  I actually don't like most of it, because it's so tacky (and who likes tacky?  Kate is so not tacky).  But, this is my favorite that I've seen so far:


I always dreamed of marrying a prince.  Like not in a fairy tale but a real prince so that I could wear fancy hats and serve tea to heads of state.  I especially wanted to marry Prince William.  I had pictures of him hanging in my closet... yes I just admitted that.  But I know I'm not the only one who swooned over William back in the day, so I think this poster is great


  1. Oh my gosh I just did laugh out loud at that poster! I LOVE the keep calm carry on so this is awesome.
    Other than that, though, I'm really not into the royal wedding. Best wishes to the happy couple :)

  2. That poster is great! I'm excited to watch the wedding tomorrow. I've been reading about them in the newspapers that you get for free on public here and not always reliable (if you know what I mean!). :)

  3. Cute post! hahahahh!!! I am excited, too! I will definitely follow it!