Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Bag Obsession

I kind of have this thing for bags.  And I'm not even talking about just purses, though we all know I love purses.  It's bags of all kinds.  The thing with purses is that you can only really carry one at a time.  But you needs all kinds of bags and lots of them.  I think I can more easily justify having lots of different kinds of bags rather than lots of purses.  So I buy bags.  I like being organized, so having different bags to keep everything separate and organized helps maintain my sanity.  I love cute or pretty bags.  And ones that are bright or from somewhere I've been.  
LL Bean
I love this L.L. Bean Boat & Tote.  Actually mine has the extra long handles, which I like better than these short ones.  This is my toiletry bag when I travel.  It holds all of my hair stuff, my makeup, my makeup brushes, and all of my shower stuff.  When my niece Isabella sees this bag, she immediately asks, "Please have some lotion please?"  I love having all of my bathroom things in one bag, so I can just leave this on the bathroom floor and not take over the entire bathroom counter with all of my stuff.  Plus it's nice to know if any of my products spill, it won't get on my clothes.  Also a plus, I throw all of these other bags inside of this bag when I'm not using them.

This is my weekend bag for my clothes.  This Vera print makes me so happy!  And I have found that this bag is the perfect size for my clothes for a weekend (maybe up to a 4-day) trip.  I guess that's why the call it the weekender.  It also has four inside pockets, which are perfect for my jewelry and perfume.  There's also outside pockets, which I like to stuff a pair of flats or flip flops in.

This is my bag for my books.  I love this bag.  First of all, I got at (obviously) at Bloomingdale's in New York, which brings back memories from the fun trip there with my best friend.  It makes me think of this perfect dress that I saw that day in Bloomie's that I wish I had bought.  I thought it looked like the perfect dress for my rehearsal dinner, but it was $500.  I also wasn't engaged yet, but that's beside the point.  Anyway, I love the street scene on the front and I love that this isn't a bag that everyone has.  I also like using this as my personal item when I fly, because my purse fits into it, but then I can add magazines and books, and still have a bigger carryon.

I used this in college when I went to class, but now that my student days are over, this is perfect for the beach.  The top doesn't zip shut, so it works to put a rolled up towel in it and have the top sticking out a little.  All the beach essentials fit:  towel, books, magazines, sunblock, snacks, water bottle, chapstick, phone, brush.  It has three interior open pockets and then a zip pocket, so I don't have to hunt for my chapstick and phone in the depths of the bag.  Plus Vineyard Vines and patchwork is so perfect for the beach! 

The bags I love most are practical but super cute and help keep me organized.  These are some of my favorites!  And I am always on the look for long as I can somehow justify needing another one.

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