Thursday, March 3, 2011


A couple weeks ago, the first real wedding ceremony in McDonald's took place.  In Hong Kong.  The "McWedding" was announced 10-10-10, and already 50-60 weddings are being negotiated with Hong Kong McDonald's wedding planners.  A McWedding costs about $1,280 - this includes food and drinks for 50 people, a cake made of stacked apple pies, and invitations and gifts for the guests.  What about the alcohol?  No worries, the guests like to toast with sundaes or milkshakes.   McDonald's employees even dress up in black suits to give it a formal touch as they deliver Big Macs and Filet-O-Fish all around.

I am the only one that thinks this is hilarious?  I just wish this trend had been alive in China when we were there so I could have attended a McWedding.

source:  information from the New York Times


  1. This is funny and kinda gross. I just finished watching the super size documentary on the guy who ate only McDonalds for 30 days straight. Anything related to McDonalds makes me want to gag these days after that documentary. This wedding is certainly interesting.

  2. Too awesome! Glad you found out about this, and too sad that you never got to go one. ;)

  3. Yes, this is totally hilarious! Hey, at least it's a cheap way to feed lots of guests. Charis really liked the first happy meal I got her yesterday, so maybe we'll have to remember this for when she gets married one day... :)

  4. oh no, don't worry charis! i won't let your mom give you a mcwedding :)

    and kathie we watched supersize me too, and are now freaked out about eating out anywhere! especially mcdonalds though...