Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chalk Pieces

Remember back in the day when there were chalkboards in classrooms?  But then they got tossed aside and dry erase boards took over.  And then everyone loved dry erase boards better because you can write so much faster and the marker never breaks and there's never that terrible noise that gives you the chills and makes you want to run and hide.  So here we are today with chalkboard-free classrooms and little kids trying to get high on dry erase markers thinking they're Sharpies.  Well I think the chalkboard and his chalk had it, because there are products with mini chalkboards on them everywhere!  There's glasswarea cheese boarda vase, and even a pillow!  But then there are a few things that are really practical and a little chalkboard is perfect for them.

finally can label those leftovers in the fridge. but 
with something a little more descriptive than "leftovers"
joanne hudson basics

the kids can get a different placemat every night!
paper source

don't have to use red Solo cups and write your name in 
Sharpie, but also don't have to worry about anyone else's backwash
uncommon goods

can update your cookie jar's contents as needed

calendar, to-do list, and coat rack all in one
bed bath & beyond

this is my favorite.  it's modern, unique, and practical.
uncommon goods


  1. Ewwwwwwwww. Now that horrible screach of chalk sound is in my head. : )
    I think these products are fantastic! Very cool!

  2. oh chalkboards. I hated touching the chalk. ugh. lol. great post love. Don't forget to check out Lauren Conrad's unaired promo to the show MTV decided not to pick up. Exclusively at...


  3. Really clever ideas. Thanks for sharing.