Monday, February 21, 2011

My New Thing

Over the past couple of months I've found myself drawn to colorful, slightly imperfect but beautiful illustrations.  Especially the ones that are of every day things.  Or just pretty things.  Or things that make me feel happy.  There are so many of these types of drawings popping up everywhere!  Especially in advertising for designers and in online magazines.  Which is totally fine with me because I love looking at them!  I really would love to get some prints to hang in random places around the house.  Here are some I'm checking out this week:

Would look lovely in the walk-in closet I don't have

To hang in my kitchen

For near my bookshelf

A big chair, a book, and a snack.  Perfect.
caitlin mcgauley

I love umbrellas!
lonny mag

Let me know if you find any that I might like - I'm still looking for the perfect ones for our house!


  1. I love umbrella and rainboots! :) I have polka dots on both...another thing I love.

  2. I have an OLD umbrella stand in the garage that you might like to decorate to suit your fancy. You are creative and it would take a lot of creativity.

  3. So, that very first picture, of the blue shoe...Last year for Christmas mom gave me a shoe calendar. Obviously there was a picture of a shoe for each month, but it also had a little pictures of shoes for each day! 377 pairs of shoes, it was amazing! Anyways, one of the month's picture was that pair of blue shoes! Also, I saw that shoe again on one of the many wedding photography blogs I stalk, I don't remember which one though.

  4. Hi Sherri, I saw this print on craftgawker and thought of you.

    Hope you are well!