Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Swimsuits! But in January?

Walk through stores, flip through catalogs, scroll through online stores and you will see swimsuits everywhere!  Swimsuits in January is like Christmas in July.  It's awkward sounding and just doesn't seem right.  I actually think bringing out a swim line in January is a big scam.  It's a ploy to get us to join gyms and go to tanning beds because the thought of parading around in a swimsuit in our pale, New Years-Resolution-to-lose-weight bodies is just plain frightening.  Well I am not going to fall for this trick.  I am remaining calm, continuing to boycott tanning beds (and the gym for that matter), and am only allowing myself the pleasure of looking at the swimsuits I want.  Not buying them.  I repeat, I am not buying any swimsuits.  Until at least April.  Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Yes, those are lobsters!  So fun from Anthropologie

Simple but cute, at Target

Check out these frills!  From Net-A-Porter

A one-piece I actually like! from J Crew

In case you're afraid of getting lost at the beach, from Jcrew
How will I ever choose?!  Ugh summer hurry up and get here so I can justify buying a new swimsuit!


  1. i bought the one from target in the second pic but in hot pink! it's as cute as the picture! i know, i know i yelled at myself for buying not one but TWO swim suits at the beginning of january, but hey, i've got a honeymoon to go on:)

  2. Then, Ashley, I think you're justified for buying a full price bikini in January. You have a very good reason. :)