Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Spot of Sunshine

I've been growing weary of winter and snow and cold weather and wind.  I just want to go lay on a beach and be warm and soak up some vitamin D!  So I decided today that I need to introduce some yellow into my life.  Yellow is such a happy color!  Research shows that when we see yellow, more serotonin (the feel-good chemical in your brain) is released, and who doesn't want to feel good?  Yellow also makes us feel more optimistic, speeds up our metabolism, and helps us to concentrate and be creative (hence the yellow legal pad)!  All wonderful reasons why we need splashes of yellow.  Here are some ideas to brighten up your home:
Cutting board from Crate & Barrel

A cute chair, from Etsy

Love this Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, at Bloomingdales

Pretty journal at Barnes & Noble

Everyone needs Hunter Rainboots!

Or if you need cheering up faster than standard 3-7 day shipping, have your husband grab four or five lemons at the store and throw them in a pretty apothecary jar to brighten up your bookshelf or kitchen counter, like I just did.  Please note that these are all relatively small yellow items.  Because yellow is the most difficult color for our eye to take in, an overdose of yellow causes irritability and frustration.  So don't go buy a yellow couch or paint your whole kitchen yellow or anything.  Just a touch of yellow here or there and it will cheer you up!


  1. what a happy post! but i beg to differ about the yellow kitchen - we had one in our old house and it always made me sooo happy! we also had really bright lights and big bay windows so it was just a great place to be :)

  2. i know i think yellow is so fun to be around! i think a yellow kitchen would be beautiful, i would just be nervous since everyone says too much yellow is bad...