Friday, January 28, 2011

In Search of: Black Clutch

In the next few months, I am in a bridesmaid in two weddings, each with a different short black dress.  So obviously I need the perfect clutch to go with both dresses.  The only formal clutch I have is pretty bling, and as I'm not trying to make a statement at either of these weddings, I'd prefer to find a more subtle black one.  When I was shopping in DC last week, I found a black clutch I liked in Nine West.  Since then I've been searching for The Perfect Black Clutch.  Here are some of the options so far:
Nine West

Jessica McClintock


Kate Spade

And then there's also this one and this one and dozens more.  What do you think?  Do you like any of these?  Or have you seen a different one that could be The Perfect Black Clutch for me?


  1. i like the jessica mcclintock pictured and the one from the first link :)

  2. i like the aldo one pictured as well as the two links. i think it's nice to have a little shimmer on the black clutch.

  3. Sherri, you know David would tell you to check on eBay!

  4. I like them all! I have the one in the second link but my phone and camera juuuust fit.